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Friday, June 24, 2011
you know it's time to loosen the kite when it keep cutting you.
why hurt yourself?
by holding the kite too tight, you get cut by the string, the kite can't soar.
only by loosening, u won't get hurt, and the kite can soar.

it's not about questioning how much effort you make.
it's about are u even making an effort.
why does quarrels arise if effort are being made?


waitingforyou...♥ 6:21 PM

Friday, June 17, 2011
It was a big one yesterday.
Will it brought to Sunday when I'm there?

So clumsy these few days.
Sprained my wrist a little, banged my elbow against the wall and now my elbow still hurts.
What is wrong with me?

24 more hours later, I'll be on the plane, departing to Brisbane.
How are we spending our 24 hours again after not seeing each other for 1 month?

Tickets to Brisbane next month during my leave is confirmed.
How will we spend our mini vacation there?

Anyway, although so much being said, so much happened, I still look forward to seeing him obviously.

So much to say, to you.


waitingforyou...♥ 11:50 PM

Sunday, June 12, 2011
Us, being human beings, are being prone to changes.
That's the adaptability of human.
When they're in their hometown, they behave in a certain way.
And when they are left alone, in another country, they adapt to the independence as well.
And when they are left alone, with other people, in another country, relationships form.
You won't know yourself, how much this can change you, but there's always perspective of the third person.
One may be wrong.
But if one is remained in a constant environment, without much changes, they tend to realise the change in someone else.

And yet again, relationships form depending on the personality of a person.
Just like how an optimistic person deal with setbacks, versus a pessimistic person.
Just like how a selfish person can survive in the working world better, versus a person who thinks for others first rather than themselves.

Human beings are no mind readers.
They can't read what you are really thinking.
And they might sometimes even misinterpret it wrongly.
So what should we do to avoid misunderstanding?
By expressing yourself and showing people what you really mean.
If one really treasures something or someone, I guess you won't do things to make that someone misunderstand right?
And this issue has got a huge thing to do with sensitivity.
Being sensitive, is really important.
Be it the things that you do, the things that you DON'T do.
The things that you say, the things that you say WRONGLY.

So when you're unable to do that, just accept the fact that maybe that person/thing/issue is not that important to you afterall. :)
Life lies only on your own hands.
You have the right to choose your priority.
Since the world is ending anyway. *cross fingers* of course.

I'm so gonna do my job well, enjoy the world, be independent, and love myself more. :)

waitingforyou...♥ 7:28 PM

Wednesday, June 01, 2011
I'm on standby tomorrow.
That time I wasn't called up.
I hope I'm called up tomorrow, only to BNE.
I miss him so much, why don't call me up for BNE?!
I will be praying whole day for my call up to BNE.
Either u call me up for BNE or dun call me up at all pls?!

I miss Scott, I wanna fly there to see him like now.
I never, for one second, stop thinking about Scott.
He's everywhere.
Just that I can't see him.

Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook enabled us to communicate more efficiently.
But we prefer writing each other letters as well.
He will send me letters, and I will send him letters too!
Many emo songs playing in my mind now.
Make me miss him even more only.
Why is this so tough for me to get through?
I'm not as strong as I thought I would be.
Scott is stronger.

I can cry everyday.
All I got to do, is to think of him.
Never once had I teared so frequently.
God damn this period is so tough!


waitingforyou...♥ 8:50 PM

Sunday, May 29, 2011
I've changed.
I've became more emotional.
I get affected and get personal easily.
Sometimes I don't know how to control my emotions/feelings.
I've become less optimistic.
And become more pessimistic.
I no longer tend to look at things at the bright side anymore.
This thing had changed me so much.

Although sometimes I feel really awesome.
Like meeting my awesome friends, going to nice places.
But at the end of the day, when I'm alone at home.
I tend to let my imagination run wild.
I tend to think of the unthinkable, and let myself get affected by it.
Damn I should do something about this.

At this rate, we'll quarrel more often.
At this rate, u'll get more irritated by me.
At this rate, u'll tend to have this bad thought.

At this rate, how will we end up?

P.S: LDR sucks.
and i hate being alone.


waitingforyou...♥ 2:01 PM

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
I received a letter from him today.
It was written on the day that I left Brisbane to Singapore after a day stay there.
The content was heartwarming and sad.
It states the wonderful day we spent together.
It was indeed the best day of this year.
Although he left during early Feb, but we really treasured that 24hours we had.
Although more than half of the day is spent with his friends or with my relatives,
we still treasured each other's company.
The letter also reads how we parted.
I was preparing for work, reluctantly.
And putting on my make-up.
He was there, looking at me.
Until when we have to say good-bye.
We hugged, and i gotta redo my make-up.
It was all smudged due to the tears.
Parting is still so unbearable.
And I had to leave.

This time, he watched me leave.
He watch me turn away.
And I didn't turn back.

Anyway, Scott Lee, study hard.
I'll be there in June, and I'll mug with u.
Meanwhile, I can only give you moral support.
One month later, I'll give u physical support!


waitingforyou...♥ 9:27 PM

Thursday, May 19, 2011
What time is it where you are?
I miss you more than anything.
Back at home you feel so far.
Waiting for the phone to ring.
It's getting lonely living upside down.
I don't even wanna be in this town.
Trying to figure our the time zones making me crazy.

You say good morning,
when it's midnight.
Going out of my head,
alone in this bed.
I wake up to your sunset,
it's driving me mad.
I miss you so bad.
And my heart heart heart is so jet-lagged.

I've been keeping busy all time.
Just to try to keep you off my mind.
Trying to figure out the time zones making me crazy.
I miss you so bad.
I wanna share your horizon,
and see the same sunrising.
Turn the hour hand back to when you were holding me.



waitingforyou...♥ 3:37 PM

Welcome To Michelle's place.


That's all you need to know about me.

Being alone can be quite a serenity.
You get things done cuz you're lonely.
You get a piece of yourself.
Have time to do your stuff.
But still, i prefer having you by my side.

Targets ♥
Earn more money.
Expand my wardrobe.
Save up.
Do well in my job.
Get a diving license.
Go dive in beautiful places.
Be more independent.
Be more healthy.
Wait for him to come back to me.

say what you wanna say.

thank you.

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Flying all around the world.
Looking at the bright blue sky.
Hey! We're looking at the same sky.
I really miss you ...

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